Beyond SEO: Unexplored Tactics for Boosting Website Visibility

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the quest to increase website visibility transcends traditional SEO strategies. While search engine optimization is very important, there are also some non-search strategies that can increase your website’s visibility among the online crowd. Let’s dive into these unexplored areas and find new ways to make your website visible.

New ways to make your website visible

Maximize visibility

Visual discovery is a new area that many companies ignore. Platforms like Google Images and Pinterest are becoming increasingly popular among users who search for information visually. To take advantage of this trend, optimize images with alternative descriptions, use quality images, and consider using design insights to increase your site’s visibility.

Harness the power of podcasts
Podcasts are a rapidly growing medium, and search engines are starting to rank podcast content. By integrating podcasts into your content, you can not only reach a wider audience, but also make your website more visible through voice searches. Make sure your podcast title and description are content-rich so they can be discovered.
Harness the power of social listening
Social media is a rich source of communication, and using social listening tools can provide great insight into what your people are coming to talk about. You can make your site visible by following your interests and concerns by participating in relevant discussions, producing content on different topics, try it now.
Snippets and Optimizing for Voice Search
Voice search is on the rise, and featured Snippets often serve in response to voice queries. Keep your information clear and answer questions about your business. Not only does this increase your chances of appearing on a particular piece of content, but it also increases overall visibility by tracking voice search discussion.
Dig deeper into local SEO strategies
For brick-and-mortar businesses, local search optimization is critical. Make sure your Google My Business listing is up to date and encourage your customers to check out and attend local events. Google generally prioritizes local results, making this a useful but sometimes overlooked way to increase your site’s visibility.

A brief history of video marketing

Since the early 2000s, video has exploded as a method for building relationships with audiences. Back in 2005, for example, YouTube was just a small video dating site (yes, dating site). It was not the major video search engine and social media platform it is now. We didn’t have TikTok, IGTV, Reels, or a majority of the other video-focused platforms, either. YouTube, however, is a perfect example of why mixing both lengthy and bite-size videos matters. Up until 2022, long-form YouTube videos were the way. How long people watch videos was (and still is) an important part of its algorithm. Just look at the hour-long event videos Apple shares on its channel. To compete with short-form powerhouses like TikTok and Instagram, YouTube launched its Shorts feature that limits video length to 60 seconds or less.

Metrics to Measure Success

While these strategies differ from traditional SEO, it is still important to measure their success. Track metrics like search impressions, podcast downloads, social engagement and local searches. This integration provides a comprehensive view of your website’s visibility across multiple channels.


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, staying ahead of others requires the desire to explore unknown territories. In addition to SEO, the non-search strategies mentioned above can also help increase your website’s visibility. Increase search visibility, promote podcasts, promote social media, optimize for voice search, and leverage the power of local SEO. By exploring the roads less traveled, you can not only diversify your approach, but also ensure greater visibility of your website in the ever-expanding digital landscape.


While SEO is still the foundation of digital visibility, going beyond the capabilities of SEO opens up a world of possibilities. Follow visual content, use social media, participate in podcasts, prioritize mobile optimization, and encourage user-generated content. By exploring lesser-known areas, you can not only diversify your approach but also find new ways to make your website visible. Thrive in an ever-changing environment.

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