180% Growth in Еngagement

The brand wanted us to design a strategy focused on maintaining a clean page with regular and consistent posting of high-quality content.

About Ekkam
Ekkam is a snack, sweets and a dryfruit brand that aims to provide vegan, satvik and jain products to its customers at an affordable price. From healthy snacks that fill your heart without guilt to refreshing mukhwas that carry the scent of our culture, from the abundance of dry fruits and nuts to the vibrancy of seeds, our diversity is a testament to the diversity of Indian heritage.

Business impact

The brand experienced a surge in enquiries, profile and website visits, secured six sponsorship collaboration enquiries within a week, saw an uptick in engagement rate on their profile, and witnessed increased organic reach and orders.


Revenue Growth

180 %

Increase in Brand Engagement


Increase in organic contact form submissions

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